Goose Down Autumn Tog 10.5 Duvet

Goose Down Autumn Tog 10.5 Duvet
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Superior Quality Goose Down. Anti-Cold Baffle Design. No Cold Spots! 100% Down-Proof Cotton.........

Features at a glance

·         Superior Quality Goose Down

·         Value for money versus longevity

·         Ideal for autumn in South Africa

·         Box-stitched into individual compartments - No moving around of Goose Down!

·         Baffles ‘stitched in’ prevents cold spots – wall-to-wall down!

·         100% Down-Proof Cotton

·         Fully washable

·         NOMITE label – Down cleaned to European Standards – Hypo-allergenic

·         After-service available. Remakes. Washing and Sterilizing

·         Clips onto a Summer Duvet to make the warmest All-Seasons Winter Combo.


Our Autumn duvets are ideal for a wide range of climates and can be used during many months of the year.  This is a great choice, as you can always buy a summer duvet later that clips onto the autumn to make a warm winter duvet. This duvet is filled with superior quality white goose down.  The outside fabric is 100% cotton, down proof and the casing is edged off with satin piping and double stitched.  The duvet has a baffled box design which minimizes down movement, maximises loft (fluffyness) and leaves no cold spots. The duvet is washable and carries the NOMITE label which makes it suitable for use by allergy sufferers. This duvet is perfect for any of Makoti’s beautiful duvet covers.

Why buy a Goose Down Autumn Duvet?

·         For ‘Quality versus Longevity’ Goose Down stays our top seller.

·         You can start with an investment towards an Autumn Duvet and buy a Summer one later. The pop-ups will always fit correctly!

·         Perfect warmth for winters in most coastal areas in South Africa. The winter duvet can be just too warm.

Tell me more

How should I choose between Duck Down, Goose Down and Hungarian Goose Down?

·         Duck Down has a smaller cluster than Goose Down; therefore more is needed, making the duvet slightly heavier. The quality level in ascending order is: Duck Down - Goose Down - Hungarian Goose Down.

·         Duck Down, however, is the cheapest but still of very good Quality.

·         Our Superb Quality Goose Down has a bigger cluster size, making your duvet lighter. All Goose Down Duvets become Heirloom Pieces to be passed on. Well-priced. The most popular choice!

·         Our Hungarian Goose Down Duvets are the Ultimate choice. Made from super-light Batiste Cotton Down-Proof material and the largest Hungarian Down Clusters. More expensive, but worth it. The proverbial “Light as a feather” :-)










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