A good pillow plays an important role in how much of a good night’s sleep you get – so make sure to choose the right one. We at Makoti have a huge selection of pillows, ranging from super soft to very firm. 

We have even extended our innovative range by catering to our customer’s needs – and so we introduced neck, bone and ear pillows. 

You can take your pick with the filling of your pillow, as we offer goose down, goose half down mix, duck feathers, fibre puff and even special layered pillows. Pure down will give you the softest pillow, so if you need a firmer one, we recommend that you buy a special pillow or a goose down feather pillow. 


Makoti Goose Down Pillows:
This pillow is filled with Superior Quality pure Goose Down and is a super-soft, cuddly pillow. 

Makoti Duck Down Pillows:
Filled with Top Quality Duck Down, this pillow is soft and economic. 

Makoti Fibre-Puff Pillows:
Fibre puff is an alternative filling if you do not want to use down or feathers. It gives a medium to firm hold. 

Makoti Special Layered Pillows:
A three layered pillow, feathers in the middle pocket and down in the outside pockets. You get a pillow with enough support, but with the soft feel of the down against you.

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