Luxurious Goose Down Pillows (95/5%)

Luxurious Goose Down Pillows (95/5%)

The Best! Your supportive super-soft dream pillow...filled with the highest percentage of Ultra-Luxurious Pure Goose Down. (95% pure down/5% soft downy feathers). No annoying hard feathers to poke holes in your dreams. Pure Snuggleness! :-) 

Your choice of support between soft, medium or firm.

As a rule of thumb, you measure the distance from your outer shoulder knob to your neck. Your pillow should fill that gap to assist you in sleeping with a straight neck and spine. 

This roughly translates to Soft for children, Medium for women and Firm for men. 

But this is just a we all are special and have special needs :-)

Washable. Long-lasting. Non-Allergic

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