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The Peka Bag

The Peka Bag


The Peka Bag, is a powerful, clean green energy-saving cooking option (view video for usage instructions below).

As the world becomes much more involved in Green Issues, and Governments are considering taxing, solar energy, people are choosing to make changes, to their lifestyle, as well as their approach to cooking more naturally, and economically.

The Peka Bag is something special, because it is versatile. You can slow-cook a variety of water based meals, such as stews, casseroles, vegetables and rice. However it is not suitable for frying foods or baking.

It is energy efficient and child friendly, never needs heating up, and food can’t over cook or burn, as the Peka Bag exploits the residual heat of the browned or braised water based recipes made in the conventional pot which is placed inside it and left to cook slowly.

The Peka Bag is truly eco-friendly as it is made with completely organic 100% natural materials, and does not contain any polluting plastics or Poly-carbons. The décor features the colourful Shweshwe fabrics made in South Africa.

It is adaptable and can be used to keep things hot as well as cold. It can be used as a pillow, or cushion, or to wrap a baby, cover a baby’s bed, or pram, keep knees and feet warm, and taken on camping trips.

It is just the right size to fit into the deep bottom drawer of a kitchen cabinet, so it’s ready to use any day of the week. When not needed for long periods of time, the air can be pressed out, and the bag rolled up and tied.

Any normal small, medium or 6lt pot with side handles will fit snugly into the Peka bag.

It is a superior slow-cooker that meets the needs of modern energy saving families.

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The Peka Bag

GREEN IN MORE WAYS THAN ONEThe Peka Bag, is a powerful, clean green energy-saving cooking option (vi..

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