Note: Hungarian Down Duvets, Featherbeds & Eiderdowns are hand-made to order and will ready to ship in 10 to 15 working days.

Cleaning, Alterations, Filling & Remaking Services

We can arrange for the collection of your old duvets and pillows, for only R220 (in SA).
Email: or contact us here.

Cleaning, Alterations, Extra Filling and Remaking of Duvets and PillowsDuvet Alterations

We can alter your old down and feather duvets to your requirements, even if it is not a Makoti duvet.  Have you purchased a new bed and your old down duvet is too big or small? Then allow us to add or remove sections from/to your existing duvet.  At the same time, we can top your duvet up with extra filling.  We can also make your summer duvet into an autumn weight or vice versa.

Extra Filling

Should you find that your current duvet is not warm enough, we can add extra filling.  After the filling of your products have been de-dusted and sterilized, we evaluate the quality.  This informs us which quality of filling to use when adding extra weight to your duvet or pillow.  Options are goose down, duck down or feather and down. The pure down fillings are very soft and light and are recommended for use in duvets, where half down filling is a mixture of down and feathers and ideal for pillows.


Does your down and feather duvets and pillows need a good wash?  You are most welcome to send it to us for professional cleaning.  Please note that we are unable to remove perspiration stains.

It is also important to note that we do not clean featherbeds, we remake only.

Remaking Service

Don’t get rid of your old duvets and pillows.  Let us remake then and give them a beautiful facelift, even if they are not Makoti duvets and pillows.  Not only will you be saving money, but you will be helping us save the environment!  When remaking your products, we de-dust and sterilize your old filling. The filling is then evaluated to determine if any extra filling is needed.  A new casing is made according to any size you may want.  And there you go – nicely cleaned and like new!  We will do this for any down or feather product, even if not bought from us!