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Customer Testimonials

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Testimonial by Janet


Subject: Pillows

I’ll tell you an unbelievable story about Makoti and my second pillow.

I took my youngest daughter ice-skating at Grand West (almost 20 years ago) and as we were leaving, I saw that there was a Makoti stall. I stopped and chatted and didn’t have enough cash on me and you insisted that I take the pillow and do an EFT when I got home!!
I was hesitant and said how can you be so trusting of me. The long and the short is, of course I honoured your faith and goodwill!

I’ve never received such generosity of spirit elsewhere!!



Testimonial by Val Morton


Subject: Pillows

Hi there,

Just to say a big thank you for my beautiful 'new' pillows - they look fantastic.
Many thanks for your wonderful service



Testimonial by Margaret Shawcross


Subject: Neck PIllows

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know the parcel arrived Thursday. One night's sleep demonstrated that the neck pillows are indeed effective. No neck discomfort in the morning - hurrah ????
Thank you.

Kind regards


Testimonial by Annamarie Serrao


Subject: Testimonial of purchased Makoti products - Annamarie Serrao

Dear Rudy,

We spoke telephonically last week and you asked me for a testimonial regarding the Makoti products I bought from you.

This is my story.

In December 2018, I was doing some shopping in Walmer Park shopping centre, when I passed your Makoti shop and the pillows on display were beckoning me to come in and have a look.

I was looking for new decent pillows as my old ones were on their last straws and I could not resist walking into your Makoti shop and feel the soft pillows. I was immediately hooked and bought two down pillows (one for my husband and one for myself).At home we normally use two pillows each and we each chose the best of our old ones and stacked the new down pillow on top.We were blown away that night with the luxurious, soft feeling of our heads disappearing into these soft pillows. I was hooked!!There and then I promised myself that I had to buy more Makoti products! I had my eye on a down duvet for the Winter.

In April 2019, after a few cold snap days and nights in Jeffreys Bay, my mind was made up, I must buy a Makoti down duvet! So I promptly made my way to Walmer Park shopping centre and came to your shop asking your advice.You advised a Makoti down Autumn duvet and although I was surprised with your suggestion of an Autumn duvet when I wanted a Winter duvet, you explained that here at the coast our nights are not as cold as the high altitude areas.I followed your advice and bought a Goose Down Autumn duvet! You asked me to give you a report the following day after sleeping under this very special duvet. This was my comment to you!‘Hi Rudy, just a note to say we were ‘down’ and out like a ‘goose’ at Christmas last night! The new Autumn Goose Down duvet was very cosy and it was difficult to get out of bed this morning. Thank you, that was a snug buy!’

Last week (two months after my purchase) you phoned and asked whether we were still happy with our Makoti products.I only have a lot of praise for these products! I could honestly say that the duvet is so warm and snug and it only takes a few seconds after getting into bed, for the wonderful warm feeling to hug your body!We had to go to Pretoria the previous week and we really missed our warm bed!!Another wonderful attribute of these products is the fact that you can only shake them out briefly in the morning and the original fluffy, full and comfortable look is back immediately! So inviting to jump straight back into bed!!

I can highly recommend these products to everybody who has a taste for luxurious comfort and soft, fluffy warmth in bed.

I love my down products from Makoti!!!

That is my story Rudy. I hope this will only strengthen the fact that I am very happy with my Makoti down products and will recommend them to everyone!

With kind regards,

Annamarie Serrao

Kind regards

Testimonial by Mrs Pernegger


Subject: Excited

I was SO excited to get my delivery yesterday of all our new goodies. I went to bed early just to luxuriate in it all, and I had the best sleep ever! Love it all.

Thank you!

Testimonial by Julie


Subject: Excellent service

Hi Sonja

My pillows arrived today!

Many thanks, once again, for your fabulous service.

It is a rare thing to find a company who take such care to keep a customer updated on the process, from chasing up with the post office, to ensuring that my requirements were met, to offering a more affordable option (ie re-using existing down products) and to finally ensuring the safe delivery of the finished items. This is all over and above the fact that you make wonderful high quality products.

With huge appreciation


Testimonial by Pam


Subject: Feeling spoilt!

Dear Wanda

Just wanted to say a special thank you to you for my lovely new linen.

It arrived yesterday and I am feeling thoroughly spoilt by the luxury of it all. I love the choice of lace for the pillow cases too – it is beautiful !

Kind regards


Testimonial by Lynette


Subject: Heerlik slaap

Hi Rudy

Dit was baie lekker in jou winkel, sal my bankrot koop! Dons inner het heerlik geslaap en prent hang al!
Hoop jy verkoop sommer baie goed, gaan my suster ook soontoe bring as sy terug is van die Kaap!

Mooi dag!


Testimonial by Imraan


Subject: Thank you

Dear Anna-Marie

Apologies for the late reply. Wanted to thank you for responding so rapidly to my request for the return of my original Makoti duvet carry bag. I received it within days of speaking to you. I have a very long association with Makoti and dealing with the company in general and you and Rudy in particular has been a real pleasure.

Thanks again and regards


Testimonial by Annette


Subject: Thank you for my remade Duvet

Dear All workers at Makoti Down Products,

What a wonderful experience it has been doing business with you.
The re-make of my Duvet has been handled with amazing efficiency.
I am delighted to have received it back yesterday afternoon and slept with it last night.
Thank you all what a good job done !!!! :-)

Kind regards


Testimonial by Alta


Subject: Slippers

Baie dankie julle! My pakkie is pragtig afgelewer deur die Koeriers!! Baie dankie !



Testimonial by Delia


Subject: Baby Products

Hi Aneria

I wanted to say thank you very much for taking such care with my order - everything is perfect and truly beautiful, and I can't wait to do up my baby's bed with his new duvet and covers!

And thank you so much for your kind words too - my little baby boy arrives next month, and I just know he will be a true Blessing from God in our lives.

Take care, and I'm sure we'll be in touch again in the future.

Kind Regards


Testimonial by Shirley


Subject: Pillow remakes

Hello, I have received my 2 pillows make over this morning that I gave in at the Decorex show, and would like to thank you  - they look so good.

Kind regards


Testimonial by V Wagenaar


Subject: Down boots

Good day Rudy,

I just wanted to say THANKS :-) for a wonderful product.

The down booties kept me warm during a 5 week trip to Patagonia (South America) during Dec 2016/January2017.



Testimonial by Jeanne


Subject: Baie dankie!

‘N Baie groot dankie vir die voorreg om sulke pragtige kwaliteit kussings te mag besit.
Dit is baie spesiaal en ons stel dit hoog op prys.

Vriendelike Langebaan groete

Kind regards

Jeanne Koch

Testimonial by Leigh


Subject: Bolster pillow

My order arrived safely today - and I am THRILLED!
Thank you so much for a lovely job.

Many thanks


Testimonial by Sandy


Subject: Prompt and efficient service!

Just to let you know that all the duvets arrived safely in Jozi late yesterday afternoon.
We sincerely appreciate the prompt and efficient service and ability to accommodate our order at short notice.

Many Thanks,


Testimonial by Allan Smith


Subject: Replacement Pillow

I bought the best pillow of my life from your exhibition at a show in Cape Town… must be at least FIFTEEN years ago! It just can’t last any longer, sadly, and I need to replace it urgently!
I have test-driven umpteen other makes, but none come close to this one.
Do you have any Agents in Somerset West where I live… or maybe in Cape Town?

Kind regards


Testimonial by Inez


Subject: Prompt delivery

To everyone! My order from the Grahamstown Festival arrived safely and I give many thanks for the prompt delivery and the superb quality of the goods! I am thrilled as usual.

Kind regards


Testimonial by Elsja


Subject: Baie gevrede

Dankie! Ons is nog BAIEIEIEEI gevrede met ons sin en geniet hom sommer in Namibie ook, vat orals saam. Ons sal laat weet as daar iets is......................


Vriendelike Groete


Testimonial by Ishwar


Subject: Speedy service

Thank you. For the speedy service.

Warm regards


Testimonial by Lorraine Marincowitz


Subject: Dankie

Hullo Monique, Dankie vir jou navraag.
Ek is baie tevrede met my aankope by julle.
Die somer duvet wat julle vir my gemaak het uit 2 kleiner duvets is prakties, netjies gemaak en heerlik lig.
Die strooi kussings is die gemaklikste kussings wat ek nog ooit gebruik het.
.Dis die regte grote genoeg opgestop om jou gemaklik te laat sit, en nie in die versoeking is om dit op die vloer te sit nie.
Julle diens was flink en die aflewering was soos dit bespreek was.
Maw ek is baie bly ek het na baie jare se gebruik van julle produkte weer besluit om dit wat ek nou nodig het by julle te bestel.


Testimonial by Lesley


Re: Feather Bed

Dear Monique,

No words can express my gratitude for your kind generosity. No one has ever done this sort of thing for me before. For the first time in years I slept well and in the morning I was able to get up and walk with a straight, pain free back. I will promote your wonderful products to all my friends in the future.

Many, many thanks


Testimonial by Kate


Subject: Feedback from a happy customer!

I thought you might like some feedback from a happy customer. Thank you both. Brett says his new sleeping bag is fantastic. He was a bit concerned that it wouldn’t be long enough or big enough for him to kick about in his sleep but he says it has been great. Perfect coziness for what he needed. We would like to be able to order a zip together pair of extra large bags sometime in the future if you make custom items. Many thanks again especially for going the extra mile to get the bag out to us.


Kind regards

Kate Meehan

Testimonial by Inez


Subject: Thrilled!

The order has arrived in perfect condition and we are absolutely thrilled!

Thank you SO much for a wonderful product which makes our bedroom look simply unique and so scrumptious!

Kind regards


Testimonial by Arlene


Subject: Prompt service!

Firstly I want to thank you on your prompt service, and secondly I want to congratulate you on the production of such a wonderful product that you offer the public. My old pillows were flat and badly in need of a service (when parcelling them up to you I was quite ashamed at their condition) but I was delighted when I opened the parcel that was sent to me. Fresh beautiful pillows were inside.

Since Saturday I have been sleeping on Could 9, like a dream and most definitely like a baby – no stiff neck – no sore throat from sleep on my back with my mouth open and snoring Once again thank you
Kind regards to you and your staff.

Kind regards


Testimonial by Leanne


Subject: Thank you

Thank you so much, I received my order in perfect condition and I was very impressed with the wonderful service received, especially the constant updates regarding the status of my order.

I will certainly use your service again in future, as well as recommend your company and products to all.

Kind regards


Testimonial by Alison



Hi Monique and Wanda

Thank you for my gorgeous BIG duvet – my bed looks like its fit for a king and queen. Slept like a baby since I picked it up at the show.
Your service has been excellent – I have been so very happy dealing with you both

Kindest regards and take care


Testimonial by Mary Louise


Subject: Thrilled

I just want to say that I am thrilled with my Makoti duvet - it is warm but light and comfortable. Your delivery service was fantastic, getting the order to me by the Tuesday when I ordered on the Sunday via the Internet.

I would definitely recommend your products and service to anyone.

Kind regards

Mary Lou

Testimonial by Sonja


Subject: Follow up

I buy from you because everything is excellent. Your service, products, everything. Will continue to do my purchases from you in the future.


Best regards


Testimonial by J Maeyer


Subject: Thank you

I can only speak highly of your company.Your service was that of absolute professionalism and speed. The products are of very good quality and they truly are worth the money spent. I will spread your word amongst friends as it was worth every penny dealing with Makoti.

Thank you and all the best

Kind regards

J Maeyer

Testimonial by Tracy


Subject: Just some feedback.

I received my order this morning and have to tell you I’m super impressed with it and how quickly it got here. I’m still in shock. I will be shouting your praised to all my friends over here. Thank you so much. I’m really glad I meet your company all those years ago at a garden and home show in Durban. Who would have thought I would be able to order again from you many years later and from across the world. Your products are world class and that comes from an international purchaser. Well done on good products and service delivery internationally.


Kind regards


Testimonial by Margaret


Subject: Thank you!

Hi Anna-Marie and the Makoti Family

Thank you so much for the 2 single duvets we received today. We are very pleased with the covering and the cleaning of the feathers and down. You have done an excellent job of which you can be very proud. We will always recommend your products to others as your workmanship is of a very high standard. We have had a double down duvet from you for years (had it renewed a couple of years ago) and it is still as good as new.

Kind regards

Margaret Gibbs

Testimonial by Inez


Subject: Wonderful products!

We are absolutely thrilled! Thank you SO much for a wonderful product which makes our bedroom look simply unique and so scrumptious!

Best wishes,


Testimonial by Nellie


Subject: Heerlike donskombers!

Goeie Môre al die vriendelike mense,

Ek wil net sê baie baie dankie vir my heerlike donskombers wat ek gister ontvang het.
Het alreeds verlede nag onder die kombers geslaap en soete drome gehad!
So heerlik warm en snoesig!

Nogmaals baie baie dankie

Vriendelike groete

Testimonial by Louis Simon


Subject: Thank you!

Thank you so much for the follow-up which is really as professional as one can get.  Anyone in a service industry can learn from you.

I am very happy with my purchase, which wasn’t the first time I had bought the pillow-protectors, and my purchase was a confirmation of how happy I was with the previous purchase.

Kind regards


Testimonial by Darryl Wood


Subject: Thank you!


Thank you – received in perfect order!

What a product, team and Brand!

Well done folks



Testimonial by Annemarie Byrnes


Subject: Remake of duvet

Thank you very much for your good service and efficiency regarding my duvet. I received it on Saturday and I am very happy with the work that was done.

I will certainly recommend you to whoever would like their down duvets redone.

Thanking you again

Kind regards


Testimonial by Yolanda Saaiman


Subject: Fantastic product

YES YES YES!! Love the new duvets! As before, a real quality product that pays for itself over and over again!

Fantastic product that I can highly recommend to invest into!!

Kindest Regards


Testimonial by Ben Visser


Subject: Duvet

Thank you very much. I received the parcel and the workmanship was superb as always. Thanks again.


Testimonial by Helen Sands


Subject: Great products, great service!

Your service was great- I had my duvet within a week of ordering it. Your service and product is tops

Many thanks


Testimonial by Michelle


Subject: Really lovely comforter

I just wanted to let you know that I have the comforter, and it's really lovely - I'm so pleased with it. Thanks so much again for all the answers and patience, and the great work on the product.



Testimonial by Ronel Scott


Subject: ‘n Puik produk

Baie dankie vir die versending van die kussings.

Hulle is pragtig!!! ‘n Puik produk –soos altyd!!!!



Testimonial by Christopher Dunderdale


Subject: Faultless service

I purchased a 3/4 duck down duvet and duvet set from your stall at the homemakers expo.

The service I received was excellent. Your salesman was friendly and he knew his product well and advised me on what I should buy and looking back now, his advice was perfect.

I can't fault anything about the service.

Because of your salesman's advice I am extremely happy with the product as it perfectly suits what I needed, your product is of a very high standard.

Keep doing what you do best and you will have my support for a long time.

King Regards

Christopher Dunderdale

Testimonial by Alan Sutton


Subject: Warm nights sleep

As an ex Uitenhager and on recommendations of family there who could resist We miss the Eastern Cape and the folks there are the best in RSA

Your site is very well presented.

Testimonial by JP le Roux



Ek mag glad nie kla oor julle diens of produkte nie. Ek adverteer julle waar ek kan met die produkte wat julle lewer. Ek koop elke jaar as ek gespaar het vir my 'n duvet by julle. So julle het ongelooflike produkte en diens ook.

Baie dankie

Testimonial by Sue Webber


Subject: Outstanding service!

I just wanted to thank Makoti for recovering the bone pillow for my mom and sending me a down one so quickly and efficiently.

I ordered on a Thursday and the pillows were delivered on Friday!

I appreciate the outstanding service that you and your company have supplied.

Testimonial by Lizette Alcock


Subject: Wonderful service!

Thank you for your wonderful service! I received my blue slippers this morning, just in time for this bitterly cold weather!

Testimonial by Kathy Eales


Subject: Lovely pillows!

I have even more respect for your pillows after unpicking the seam of one of your neck pillows this week to make a travel pillow.

I've been using one of your pillows for the past six years - the one with the extra padding for the new. It's ruined me for anything else, but I sleep so well.

It's getting a little flat and soft, so I recently treated myself to a new one. I bought a firmly firm one, but found it over-full and uncomfortable; so this week I opened it up so that I could remove some of the feathers and put them in a small travel panel.

Not so easy. The seams take a bit of undoing - and then I realised what the reason was: all that extra stitching is because the pillow is lined with a layer of soft down! Wow!

So now I have two reworked pillows - one, a small pillow for travelling so I can cope with the outside world without my regular pillow, and a regular pillow that now works.

I am SO impressed with the quality of workmanship of Makoti pillows!

Well done on not compromising.




Testimonial by George du Toit


Subject: PUIK diens!

Net om baie dankie te se vir reelings aangaande die duvet wat ons hier by die Bloemskou ontvang het. Baie dankie vir julle PUIK diens. Lekker om met julle besigheid te kan doen.



Testimonial by Marinda Palmer


Subject: Brilliant product. Brilliant service!

Very happy with the purchase and the service was brilliant.

I wish that I knew about your product earlier. I am allergic to the normal feathery duvets and have had no problem with your product.

Thank you for a stunning product.

Marinda Palmer

Testimonial by Antoinette May


Subject: Superb service

Your service was superb. The quality of your repair was outstanding. I am very happy with the service received.

Testimonial by Ann Edwards


Subject: Impressive service

I am so impressed at how organized you people are, and thrilled that you can match up my duvets, etc.

Testimonial by Liesl


Subject: Super service

The experience from ordering until delivery was very positive. You can put this as a feather in your cap!

Testimonial by Johan vd Westhuizen


Subject: Uitstekende diens

Ek uiters tevrede is met die slaapsak (Lynx reghoekig) wat ek in November 2012 by Makoti aangekoop het. Ek het dit reeds baie dikwels in die afgelope twee maande as slaapsak en ook as duvet (oopgerits) gebruik en dit is regtig 'n besonder ligte en praktiese slaapsak. Vir my is dit ook heeltemal warm genoeg en die materiaal van die binnevoering en die buitekant is heerlik sag.

Ek is baie in my skik met my slaapsak en het dit ook reeds aan 'n heel paar mense gewys wat daarin belangstel. Baie dankie vir jul uitstekende diens en gaan voort om sulke goeie produkte te lewer. Ek beveel dit by al my vriende aan.


Testimonial by Mariana Keller


Subject: Makoti Baadjie

Graag wil ek net dankie se vir julle goeie en flinke diens met die maak van die tweede baadjie. - my man het die eerste baadjie wat te groot was vir my, vir hom geneem.

Die kwaliteit en snit van die baadjies moet ook genoem word. Dit dra baie lekker en lyk regtig goed.

Die baadjies is voorwaar 'n baie goeie belegging en ek kan dit met vrymoedigheid aanbeveel vir enige iemand wat 'n lekker warm en liggewig baadjie nodig het.


Mariana Keller

Testimonial by Johan Scheepers


Subject: Makoti service

I became a fan of your products a few years ago when I purchased my first two pillows from you.

I ordered another two in December for my holiday home. You replied very quickly that you were out of stock till January but we then changed the order to pillows that you had in stock and within a few day they were delivered to my holiday home – truly excellent service!

I think I’ve become a bit of an ambassador for you as I tell everyone who battle (like I do) with finding the ‘right’ pillow to try your products. I wish your company everything of the best for the future and hope that you will be around for many many years to come.


Johan Scheepers

Testimonial by Riaan Steyn


Subject: Baie dankie

Baie dankie!

Ek het groot waardering vir die wyse waarop julle die vordering van die bestelling met my gekommunikeer het! Ek het nog nooit sulke uitstekende diens ervaar nie!


Riaan Steyn

Testimonial by Johan vd Westhuizen


Subject: Navraag slaapsak

Ek wil graag vir julle hartlik bedank en gelukwens met die kwaliteit van julle puik produkte. Die duvet en kussings word daagliks gebruik en dit is feitlik nog net so goed soos nuut.


Johan vd Westhuizen

Testimonial by Lenor Snyman


Subject: Slaap soosn 'n prinses

Op hierdie stadium is ek soos n prinses besig om elke nag gerieflik te slaap op my kussing wat ek tydens die KKNK gekoop het. Groete Lenor Snyman.

Testimonial by Magdel van Niekerk


Subject: Windhoek skou

Julle produkte en werk is regtig puik en dit is die mooiste materiaal wat julle gebruik. Dit is regtig net 'n plesier om onder julle donskomberse te slaap.

Gedurende die wintermaande gebruik ek net die Herfsduvet en gedurende somermaande ruil ek dit om vir die Somerduvet.

Nogmaals baie dankie vir julle puik produkte, dit was die beste beluit wat ons geneem het om ons donskomberse te laat oordoen by julle.

Baie dankie en vriendelike groete uit Namibia.

Magdel van Niekerk

Testimonial by Viano Povanhu Shivute


Subject: The Windhoek show

Dear Anna Marie, I. Visited the stand and picked up a summer duvet queen size today. We are still enjoying your products. Thank you and have a blessed show.


Testimonial by Audrey


Subject: Delighted with our X King goose duvet

Hello Anna-Marie,

Many thanks for your email.

We purchased a summer weight X King goose duvet last week and are absolutely delighted with our purchase.

Many thanks,


Testimonial by Hetsie Roets


Subject: Kussingsakke

Baie dankie vir my kussingsakke wat ek vandag ontvang het. Lekker om met julle besigheid te doen.


Hetsie Roets

Testimonial by Igna Dougal


Subject: Hoe lekker slaap die duvet!

Goeie dag,

Ek het Maandag ons nuwe duvet en slaapkamer stel ontvang en wat ‘n plesier!!

My man wat baie skepties was oor die nuwe kopie, het tot vanoggend gese hoe lekker die duvet slaap. Die enigste probleem nou is om die kinders uit ons bed te hou aangesien almal nou daar wil inkruip…

Nogmaals dankie vir julle goeie diens en waarde.


Testimonial by Fransie


Subject: Excellent customer relations

Dear Anna-Marie

A short note to let you know I have received the washing liquid.

I sincerely thank you for this kind gesture and all I can say is to wish you all the best for the future.

This kind of customer relations bodes well for the future.

Kind regards to you and all your staff and a ‘hug’ to Uitenhage, my home town where myself and my husband lived for many years!


Testimonial by Inez Gretton


Subject: Beautiful linen

I want to thank you all for the parcel which arrived when we returned home yesterday. It was for goods ordered at the Decorex show here in Cape Town last month.

I am absolutely thrilled and very proud to be able to show off such beautiful linen!


Inez Gretton

Testimonial by Name Witheld


Subject: Best investments I have ever made.

Dear Anna-Marie

My King plus extra length Makoti duvet inner is one of the best investments I have ever made. Thank you.

Thanks too for sending me the info on the NON-allergenic properties of pure down as opposed to synthetics. Providing the scientific evidence was the only way I could convince my husband to keep the duvet inner, and that it wasn’t the cause of his flu-like symptoms.

Thank you

Testimonial by Engela Musgrove


Subject: Excellent service!

Thank you for your excellent service

Testimonial by Neline Scheepers


Subject: Baie dankie vir puik diens en werk!!!!

Goeie môre Monique

Baie dankie, ek het reeds gister my pakkies ontvang. Ek het dit vanoggend oopgemaak.

Baie dankie vir puik diens en werk!!!! Ek ontwerp en maak self trourokke en dit is ‘n plesier om sulke KWALITEIT artikels te ontvang.

Min besighede is so trots op sulke kwaliteit. Ek was so opgewonde toe ek jul pakkies oopmaak. Ek sal beslis weer van jul diens gebruik maak.

Dra ook my boodskap aan jul eienares (Mev. Craven?) oor.

Mag jul besigheid net groei.

Geniet die dag.


Neline Scheepers


Testimonial by E.Hayes


Subject: Duvet


Net om baie dankie te sê vir die duvet wat ek terug ontvang het. Dit slaap heerlik.



Testimonial by Annette Briscoe


Subject: Top class service!

Service was top class in all respects. - Communication, delivery of quote, provision of payment details, following of accurate delivery instructions.. The Autumn Duvet which I had remodelled is perfect for the Durban weather which is only just beginning to cool down. Thrilled to have our 30+yr old wedding duvet snug and usable again.

Thank you.

Annette Briscoe

Testimonial by Kathy


Subject: All Seasons Duck Down Duvet

Last Friday I purchased the All Seasons Duck Down Duvet at the Decorex Cape Town show. It is absolutely wonderful – warm, light, puffy, comforting and I could go on forever. Luckily, our weather has turned nasty and we had a Public Holiday, so I have been getting the FULL benefit of it. I have not wanted to get out of bed since putting it on! It definitely goes down as being my best purchase ever and my dogs agree wholeheartedly!

Testimonial by Pam Fischer


Subject: Slaapsakke

Hallo Julle,

Ek kyk vandag na julle website om te sien wat julle nou alles aanbied en wat 'n verrassing!!!!! Ons het in 1996 tien slaapsakke van julle bestel en gebruik dit nou nog. Julle diens was destyds al baie puik. Ons het "custom made" slaapsakke laat maak vir ons Pofadder staptog destyds. Geen koue nag het ons oorval nie. Ek en my man het ons slaapsakke aanmekaar gerits en wat 'n lekker snoesige bed het ons gehad onder die oop hemel!!!! As julle produkte toe al van so 'n hoë gehalte was, kan ek net dink dis nou fantasmagories!!!! Sodra ek genoeg geld gespaar het, sal ek definitief van julle kussings bestel. Doet zo voort!!!!!

Testimonial by Alet Strydom


Subject: Wonderful Neck Pillow

The Owner

I was recently visiting my mom in an old-age home in Uitenhage. Normally when this happens I stay with my sister and we enjoy walking around and then visiting all the shops we think is worthwhile. As you well know there aren’t many of those in Uitenhage! We made a turn at Makoti and what an experience!

We strolled through the shop looking at all the things they had to offer and chatting away with the lady in the store. As we are forever looking for some decent and good quality pillows, this was my main attraction. I soon realized that the one type of pillow looks very different from the others and again the lady explained and I decided to try out two of these neck pillows.

I have a chronic neck – the kind they blame on the age you know (53years) and osteoporosis or whatever they like to call it. I have had two whip lashes which were not treated because of various circumstances and a lot of neck injuries which only started to give discomfort and pain in later years. The only time I was without pain was when I took something for it like painkillers etc. So you must know that it is always painful and coming in different grades.

Well, getting home, I slept on this “firm” unfamiliar pillow. What an adjustment, because I normally enjoy a softer pillow. Next morning my neck felt better, but still painful. So persevered and believe me my neck feels so good, that I now want to tell everybody with neck problems about your neck pillows! My neck is still sore but in a more firm manner and where I would have considered an operation in the past I would now feel this to be absolutely unnecessary.

I do not explain this to be a cure, but it brings tremendous comfort and now I am more conscious of my neck’s position during the day and I feel so much better

The Owner

I was recently visiting my mom in an old-age home in Uitenhage. Normally when this happens I stay with my sister and we enjoy walking around and then visiting all the shops we think is worthwhile. As you well know there aren’t many of those in Uitenhage! We made a turn at Makoti and what an experience!

We strolled through the shop looking at all the things they had to offer and chatting away with the lady in the store. As we are forever looking for some decent and good quality pillows, this was my main attraction. I soon realized that the one type of pillow looks very different from the others and again the lady explained and I decided to try out two of these neck pillows.

I have a chronic neck – the kind they blame on the age you know (53years) and osteoporosis or whatever they like to call it. I have had two whip lashes which were not treated because of various circumstances and a lot of neck injuries which only started to give discomfort and pain in later years. The only time I was without pain was when I took something for it like painkillers etc. So you must know that it is always painful and coming in different grades.

Well, getting home, I slept on this “firm” unfamiliar pillow. What an adjustment, because I normally enjoy a softer pillow. Next morning my neck felt better, but still painful. So persevered and believe me my neck feels so good, that I now want to tell everybody with neck problems about your neck pillows! My neck is still sore but in a more firm manner and where I would have considered an operation in the past I would now feel this to be absolutely unnecessary.

I do not explain this to be a cure, but it brings tremendous comfort and now I am more conscious of my neck’s position during the day and I feel so much better!

Makoti can really market this neck pillow far more so that people can get more aware of this wonderful product. I myself was on the verge to buy one of these R700 advertised pillows! Thank you so much to my sister taking me to Makoti instead.

NB. My husband is a terrible snorer!! Since he is sleeping on this neck pillow, the snoring is also better. I think it is because his head is lying in a more normal position. HE IS STILL SNORING, BUT MUCH MUCH SOFTER!

I wanted to write to you so that you can help other people with the same problem.


Alet Strydom


Testimonial by Alet Strydom


Subject: Wonderlike Nek Kussing

Die eienaar,

Ek het nou onlangs my ma in die oue te huis op Uitenhage besoek. Ek gaan dan sommer by my suster tuis. Gewoonlik loop ek en sy heerlik rond en dan neem sy my na die moeite werd winkels toe. Soos u weet is daar nie baie op Uitenhage nie.Ons het by Makoti 'n draai gemaak en hier is my ondervinding!

Het heerlik in die winkel rond gesnuffel en met die dame gesels. Siende dat ons altyd opsoek na gehalte kussings is het ek die kussings goed staan en bekyk. Ek merk toe op dat die een tipe kussing anders lyk. Weer die dame laat verduidelik en besluit toe om twee nekkussings te probeer.

Ek het 'n kroniese seer nek - die soort wat hulle se dis maar van ouderdom ( 53 jaar) en osteoartritus of so iets noem. Het al twee "whip lashes" (hoop ek spel dit reg) weg wat onbehandel was agv omstandighede en 'n hele lot nekbeserings wat my eers later jare begin pla het. My nek is net nie seer as ek iets vir die pyn drink nie. So weet dit is altyd net in verskillende grade pynlik.

Wel, by die huis gekom, slaap ek toe die eerste aand op die "firm" meneer. Was 'n aanpassing, want ek hou van 'n sagter kussing. Volgende oggend was my nek beter, maar nog seer. So aan gegaan en glo my my nek voel so goed dat ek graag vir almal met nekke dit wil se. My nek is nog "seer" maar op meer 'n stywe manier en waar ek eers 'n operasie sou oorweeg het sou ek dit nou as oorbodig beskou.

Ek verkondig dit nie as 'n kuur nie, maar dit bring geweldig baie verligting en as ek nou let op my nek se posisie deur die dag, voel ek stukke beter.

Julle kan gerus die nekkussing meer adverteer sodat mense daarvan bewus kan word. Ek self was op die punt om weer een van die geadverteerde kussings teen R700 te probeer! Dankie tog my sus het my na julle geneem.

PS My man is 'n hewige snorker!! Vandat hy op die nekkussing slaap is die snorkery ook beter. Ek dink dit is omdat sy lugpyp ook meer in normale posisie le. HY SNORK NOG, MAAR SAGTER!

Ek wou graag aan julle skryf sodat julle ander persone met dieselfde probleem kan help.


Alet Strydom

Testimonial by Dorrie Martins


Subject: Duvet

Halloooo uit 'n koue Kaap. So lekker om onder makoti se duvet te slaap want die dons skuif mos nie rond nie! Julle weet net hoe. Nek baie beter met die gestikte kussing. BAIE dankie vir puik diens oor die jare heen. Dorrie

Testimonial by Beth vd Westhuizen


Subject: DANKIE

Goeie dag,

MAKOTI!!! Baie baie dankie vir julle wonderlike produkte, onvoortreflike diens, hulpvaardigheid en veral julle "commitment" om jul kliente se belange eerste te stel. Ek (skaam om te erken), kan soms veeleisend wees, maar julle het my gehoor, en sonder om vies te raak, vir my gehelp om die mees perfekste duvet te maak!!! Dit is ongelooflik. Julle het 'n Makoti-verslaafde klient. Dankie ook aan jul bemarker in die Kaap (Landie Basson) wat net so baie geduld het. Julle produkte het nie 'n gelyke nie!!

Testimonial by Kathy Eales


Subject: What a wonderful pillow!

I'm won't be going to the Festival – but I do have to tell you that every night when I go to bed, and every morning when I wake up, I think 'Aaahhhhh. What a wonderful pillow!'

Thank you for three years of good sleep.

Testimonial by Sabine Croxton


Subject: Your service is outstanding!

All arrived in good order. Thank you for getting all this done in such a short time! It is always refreshing to deal with Makoti Down. Your service is outstanding!



Testimonial by Monika Trotter


Subject: A satisfied customer!

I collected my sleeping bag today.

I cannot express how happy I am with what you sent. It looks like it has all the bells and whistles! Thank you so much for all your efforts in making me a satisfied customer. I cannot wait to use it!

Testimonial by Frances Appelgryn


Subject: You offer nothing but excellence!

To whom it may concern:

First of all, I would like to commend you on such service that offers nothing but excellence. At one stage I gave up on the kindness of the human race, but people like you, offer hope that there are those who are truly out to serve others.

I cannot accept that the duvet you did for us was for nothing, so please find attached proof of payment of the outstanding R80.00 (Invoice Number 34452).

Thank you and God Bless!

Testimonial by Alta Marx


Subject: Dankie!

Aan almal by Makoti, my donskombers het veilig ge-arriveer! Dit is 'n pragstuk.Baie dankie.Dankie ook vir julle integriteit om van die oorskot donse 'n kussing te maak.Hoop om julle weer in 2011 by die Pretoria skou te sien. Groete Alta Marx.

Testimonial by Brigid Bezuidenhout


Subject: Featherbed

The mattress is great and hubby thinks it is the best buy ever. I will be ordering a single one for Zane soon. He keeps falling asleep on our bed telling us how comfy it is. Just as soon as I have saved money I will be ordering the pillows and comforter for our bed.

Now ever person that comes through our front door will have to test the bed.......It really makes a huge difference on ones nights sleep.

Thanks so much for all your help and patience.



Testimonial by Isolde Le Roux


Subject: Ultimate White Goose Down X King duvet

I ordered an Ultimate Goose Down X King duvet from you on referral of an old customer.

I received it yesterday. It is absolutely all that I expected it to be and more!! Amazing and unbelievable!!

I will definitely buy from Makoti again!!

Thanks so much!!


Testimonial by Lenette de Wet


Subject: Ek het my kombers gekry en wat 'n fees

Ek het my kombers gekry en wat 'n fees. Dit is ongelooflik lig en só snoesig en warm!! Hier by ons in die Vrystaat was dit die afgelope week elke nag tussen -3 en -6 en ek kon nie wag om in my bed te kom nie. Baie dankie vir jul flinke diens. Ek het al by heelparty van my vriendinne gespog en daar is baie belangstelling.

Groete. Lenette de Wet.

Testimonial by Mandy Devlin


Subject: Ireland

Dear Mrs Craven

You are often in our thoughts! our Down duvet is keeping us warm on cold winters nights in Ireland!

God's riches blessings

Mandy Devlin

Testimonial by natasha Laing


Subject: winter duvet

Thanks so much our duvet is the best buy we have ever made . It is so comfortable and warm - dont need anything else in winter. It is such good quality and we love it .

will be buying duvets for my daughters soon .


natasha Laing

Testimonial by Werner Steyn


Subject: Makoti Product

Hi guys when we bought a few pillow's on one of your shows we were so satisfied that the next year we bought a summer duvet and 2 contenental pillows, if i might add that the first pillows are still as fluffy and soft as it was the first time we bought them (three years back), If anyone would like any feed back from me their more than welcome to contact me. Im loving your products and services guys keep it up!! :)

Testimonial by Julia Beckett


Subject: Excellent Service

Today I received my double duck down duvet. What a fantastic duvet, am really thrilled with it - a warm winter ahead. Your service is excellent, I only wish more companies offered such service. I will definitely recommend your company to friends and family. Many thanks. Julia Beckett

Testimonial by Ekaterina Volkova


Subject: WOW! Fantastic!

Thanks a lot! We got not only very high quality products but also pleasure to have your first-class customer service! Thanks to everyboby who organized it, manufactured and delivered- because of your well performed supply chain we have pleasure and comfort.

Kind regards,

Ekaterina, Pretoria

Testimonial by Cathy Blatt


Subject: Congratulations on your superb product,

Last year I bought the "summer duvet" from your stand at the Windhoek Show.

I had discussed adding the autumn one with the lady on duty and was going to return to the show to do so. Unfortunately a severe bout of flu prevented me from doing so.

I am quite enthralled with the excellent quality of the product bought. I come from overseas and eiderdowns have always been part of my life in fact I would be unable and quite unwilling to sleep under anything else.

I am so impressed with the excellent quality and lightness of the product.

Congratulations on your superb product,

Cathy Blatt

Testimonial by Vivien Botha


Subject: Thank you

Dear Anna-Marie & all the others

I received my duvet yesterday afternoon.

I cannot believe the transformation that you have achieved!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Vivien Botha


Testimonial by Estelle Cronje


Subject: 'n Tevrede Klient

Hallo Frenette

Baie dankie ek het gister my duvet gekry. Waardeer die goeie diens.

Sal julle defnitief aanbeveel.


Estelle Cronje

Midvaal Privaat Hospitaal

Testimonial by Grace Daniel


Subject: Makoti goose down pillows

Hi Wanda,

Just to let you know that I collected my pillows from the Post Office today (the parcel slip was delivered this morning).

I am delighted with my pillows and am looking forward to the pleasure and comfort of sleeping on them. I think your packaging very professional and neat. Congratulations to all of you on top-quality products.

Best wishes,




Subject: Oustanding quality - Thank you very much

Dear Frenette,

I have just received my new duvets from you and honestly I am just over the moon with them. The quality of work is outstanding and I just wanted to thank all the people who were involved in the work.

Thank you so much these duvets will be used on many a cold night.

Love to you all and keep up the beautiful work


Testimonial by Dolores Bauer


Subject: Product:PAR EXCELLENCE

Dear Anne-Marie,

Received your lovely letter today in the post. You really make one feel so special by personally being in touch. That is the secret of your success! It is such a pleasure to deal with such a prestigious company as yours. PAR EXCELLENCE . Looking forward to my new Linen and future purchases. Thank you kindly. DOLORES BAUER

Testimonial by George du Toit



Hallo daar onder in die beskawing,

Bogenoemde stelling omdat ek in Somerset-Oos groot geword het.

Sal definatief weer van julle gebruik maak want JULLE WEET HOE OM 'N DIENS TE LEWER !!!!!

Beste en mooi gaan…..

George du Toit

Testimonial by Belinda Leverington


Subject: Thank You

Dear Anna-Marie

Thank you very much for your prompt response. Danie has been in contact with me and I have already received my duvets in 24 hours. It is so seldom that one finds people that are prepared to go the extra mile.

Thank you once again for an excellent product and outstanding service.


Testimonial by DOLORES BAUER


Subject: Satisfied Customer

I have received my stunning remakes; you were able to make me one Queen size Duvet; two Contis and two Standard Pillows.

I am highly satisfied and very impressed with the finished product. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!

I will soon be ordering stunning Bedding from you and cannot wait to place the order.

Kind regards.