Note: Hungarian Down Duvets, Featherbeds & Eiderdowns are hand-made to order and will ready to ship in 10 to 15 working days.
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Baby Cot Autumn Down Duvets - 10.5 tog

Baby Cot Autumn Down Duvets - 10.5 tog

So your old duvet or blankets are just too warm...

Or you live in an area where it simply doesn't get so cold
Or, you are naturally warm-blooded. So your spouse thinks anyways...

But you are looking for the titanic yum of a down duvet.

Whichever. But sweating every night is just a no-no.
And Baba also complains.

And so a farmer's wife made a plan. Because she knows...
And here, as a first in Africa, from the gnashing mindfires came something new...

A Clip-On Summer and Autumn Duvet

And the autumn has only three-quarter the amount of down as the winter

And that, simply stated, is your answer

Just buy the autumn thickness duvet.

PS. But is has pop-ups.
So that, if you want to buy a summer duvet later, you can. To make a yum winter.

Benefits in a Blink

Super-soft percale down-proof material that does not scratch Baby
Down super clean. Nomite European Standards so Baby does not sneeze or scratch
Box-stitched. So no crying over cold spots
Machine washable. To save Mommy lots of time
Breathable material. So Baby can breathe easily and not suffocate
Longevity. So Baby can give this duvet to the next baby brother or sister
No more heavy blankets. Yay!
Super light and super warm. Soooo yummy mummy
Downproof doesn't leak. So I don't disappear in a cloud of down

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