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Baby Cot All Season Down Duvets - 4.5 + 10.5 tog Combo

Baby Cot All Season Down Duvets - 4.5 + 10.5 tog Combo

So Baby already has or will have mighty moods...

And gets cold sometimes, and sometimes hot

SO, how do I deal with this conundrum?

Well, the peeps at Makoti developed South Africa's first Clip-On Combo Duvet
This stunning duvet consists of two duvets.
That clip together.

A thin Summer one, and a thicker warm Autumn one.
Use the Summer duvet in summer. And the Autumn in autumn.
And to make a full winter, clip the two together.

So Mommy and Daddy can swing with Baby's moods...

Voilà! Problem solved

Benefits in a Blink

Super-soft percale down-proof material that does not scratch Baby
Down super clean. Nomite European Standards so Baby does not sneeze or scratch
Box-stitched. So I won't cry over cold spots
Machine washable. To save Mommy lots of time
Breathable material. So Baby can breathe and not suffocate
Longevity. So Baby can give this duvet to his next baby brother or sister. Or couzzi.
No more heavy blankets. Yay!
Super light and super warm. Soooo yummy mummy

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