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Down Sleeping Bags

Down Sleeping Bags

Hitting the great outdoors? 

Makoti's goose down-filled sleeping bags will keep your body, back and bum cosy and toasty.
Rectangular and Mummy in different thicknesses to suit your heat requirements

Rectangular has secret versatility. Read more why...

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Rectangular Goose Down Sleeping Bags

A Quality Multi-Purpose Sleeping Bag! Our Rectangular Sleeping Bags are of course extensively used f..

From R2,395.00
Ex Tax: R2,082.61

Mummy Down Sleeping Bags

Most campers and high altitude climbers choose goose down sleeping bags over synthetic ones. This is..

From R3,195.00
Ex Tax: R2,778.26

Cowl added

You can add a cowl to your sleeping bag, as it is commonly known that you lose most of your body hea..

From R350.00
Ex Tax: R304.35