Health Pillow Range

Health Pillow Range
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  • Neck and Back Pillows. Do you have neck and back problems? Our top seller under our health pillow range is our unique orthopedic neck and back pillow. Designed by leading Physiologists, this orthopedic pillow helps alleviate your neck and back problems by correcting your sleeping posture.
  • Bolsters. Look lovely on your bed, but also assists your back whilst reading or drinking that cuppa.
  • Bone pillows. Awesome for that extra bit of support if you worry about your hairdo! Good between the knees.
  • Ear Pillows. Ear pain or sensitive ears? This nifty pillow takes pressure off your ear but supports your head
  • Neck Brace Pillows. Nice for watching TV

Lovely percale cotton pillowcases available for all. Please click below.

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Neck and Back Pillow

Do you suffer from Neck and Back Problems? Our Orthopaedic Neck Pillow can alleviate pain by straigh..

From R890.00
Ex Tax: R773.91

Bolster Pillow (40x15)

For Decoration or Support. Between the knees, the Bolster reduces Twisting of the Spine. ..

Ex Tax: R321.74

Bone Pillow

A Handy, Small Versatile Pillow for Reading, Travelling and Support between your Knees.... ..

Ex Tax: R304.35

Ear Pillow

This Ear Pillow is designed for people or patients who wish to release pressure on the ear.  Th..

Ex Tax: R304.35

Neck Brace Pillow

Ideal for Travelling, watching TV or for Extra Support. Available in Soft but Supportive Duck Down...

Ex Tax: R213.04

Baby/Travel Pillow - Goose Down

Our Baby or Travel Pillow (30x40 cm) is a handy, small versatile pillow that can be used for reading..

Ex Tax: R304.35

Baby/Travel Pillow - Duck Down

A lovely Pillow for Baby, or for Grandpa to go hiking with....either or and even more! This versatil..

Ex Tax: R226.09

Travel Pillow with Stuff Bag and Pillow Case

Great for the Outdoors, Great for Travelling! A scrunch-able Travel Pillow (32x45cm) with a carry ba..

Ex Tax: R430.43

Health Range Pillow Cases

Make your bed a feast for the eyes! Choose from our available Colours and all our Unique Health Pill..

From R95.00
Ex Tax: R82.61