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Luxurious Down Pillows

Luxurious Down Pillows

Choose here between Goose Down or Duck Down Pillows.  Both are sleeping in heaven must be...

But what is the difference you may ask yourself?

Well, because Goose Down has bigger down clusters, it lofts more that Duck Down. Therefore it also costs more
Our Goose Down Pillows also have a higher pure down percentage content than the Duck Down Pillows
This makes them the softest, fluffiest pillows ever. A bedpartner for life!

Our Goose Down is a super-lovely 95/5% mix (95% pure goose down and 5% soft downy feathers)

And our Duck Down is more economical at 70/30% (70% pure duck down and 30% soft downy feathers)

The choice is yours. Both will serve you for years. Washable. Non-allergic.

Make your choice between Goose or Duck Down and then choose between soft, medium or firm in the dropdown menu


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Luxurious Goose Down Pillows (95/5%)

The Best! Your supportive super-soft dream pillow...filled with the highest percentage of Ultra-Luxu..

From R395.00
Ex Tax: R343.48

Duck Down Pillow (70/30 percent)

More economical than Goose Down, our Duck Down Pillows are super-soft.A superb blend of 70% pure Duc..

From R645.00
Ex Tax: R560.87

Travel Combo - Pillow with Stuff Bag and Pillowcase

Great for the Outdoors, Great for Travelling! A scrunch-able Travel Pillow (32x45cm) with a ripstop ..

Ex Tax: R452.17

Baby/Travel Pillow - Goose Down

Our Baby or Travel Pillow (30x40 cm) is a handy, small versatile pillow that can be used for reading..

Ex Tax: R343.48