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Top Selling Layered Pillows

Top Selling Layered Pillows

This is the best pillow ever!
Makoti's Special Layered Pillows are constructed in three horizontal layers.

Feathers in the middle horizontal pocket gives you support
Soft down in the two outside horizontal pockets gives you the snuggliest softness.

This is the best of both worlds. Supportive feather and the softness only pure down can give.

Another first in South Africa. Proudly cooked up in our innovations kitchen :-)

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Layered Pillows - Duck Down and Feather

Luxurious Soft but Supportive Blend of 30/70% Down&Feather. Choose between Soft, Medium or Firm..

From R435.00
Ex Tax: R378.26

Layered Pillows - Goose Down and Feather

2 soft down outer layers with supporting inner feather layer. Another Makoti innovation! Superb!Our ..

From R795.00
Ex Tax: R691.30