Note: Hungarian Down Duvets, Featherbeds & Eiderdowns are hand-made to order and will ready to ship in 10 to 15 working days.
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Autumn Down Duvets - 10.5 tog

Autumn Down Duvets - 10.5 tog

So your old duvet is just too warm...
Or cold. Or tattered. Or you want your first real down duvet

But now you worry that a new down duvet might be too hot
After all, we don't live in the Alps.
...and your partner is hot...   ;-)
But you are cold.

The answer to this conundrum is a Makoti Autumn Down Duvet.


Because it only has 3/4 the amount of Down compared to a full Winter Duvet.

So your excellently crafted Autumn Duvet is ideal to kick off with.
This gives you time to test-drive it through a season or two :-)

Later, you can simply upgrade your Autumn Duvet by buying a Clip-On Summer Duvet.
This clips on to your autumn down duvet with pop-ups to complete your versatile All Seasons Full Winter Duvet.
Smart. Versatile. Almost everlasting.

If you can, order both from the start here. The two duvet combo set works out a bit cheaper than if you add the two up separately, This means more saving for you.
Otherwise, start with your Autumn Down Duvet. See how you sleep through all the seasons. Then, order a Summer Down Duvet later if needed.

Also. Heads-up Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban:
Makoti’s Autumn Down Duvets are perfect for winter for most coastal areas

Choose between economical Top-Quality Duck Down (70/30% pure down/downy feather), Superior Goose Down (95/5% pure down/downy feather) or our Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down (100% pure down). The higher the percentage pure down, the higher the quality and the loft. The more the loft, the better the insulation. But also more pricey. It's your delicious choice :-)

But for the ultimate in comfort, the 100% Hungarian Goose Down Duvets trumps all. If you are blessed with a flush...

Please click your choice of Duck Down, Goose Down or Hungarian Goose Down below.

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Duck Down (70/30 percent) Autumn Duvets - Tog heat rating of 10.5

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From R2,295.00
Ex Tax: R1,995.65

Goose Down (95/5 percent) Autumn Duvets - Tog heat rating of 10.5

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Hungarian Goose Down (100 percent) Autumn Duvets - Tog heat rating of 10.5

NOTE:  Hungarian Goose Down duvets are hand-made to order and will be ready to be shipped in 5-..

From R4,995.00
Ex Tax: R4,343.48