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Goose Down (95/5 percent) 'Clip-On Combo' All Seasons Duvets - Tog heat rating of 15

Goose Down (95/5 percent) 'Clip-On Combo' All Seasons Duvets - Tog heat rating of 15

So this is it, the most versatile duvet of all duvets. 

Your light and cool Summer Duvet clips on to your warm Autumn Duvet to make a full Winter Duvet.

Nifty. Simple. Smart.

Warm or cool. A versatile invention by Makoti. Because South Africa's weather IS challenging and we DO care...

Your All Seasons clip-on duvet gives you versatility throughout the year. Use your Summer Duvet in summer, your Autumn Duvet in autumn and then clip the two duvets together in the icy winter months, and Voila! Heat and cold problem solved.

Your duvets are filled with superior quality goose down. This is a superb mixture of 95% pure goose down and 5% soft downy feathers.

Please read the benefits. Then we invite you to join our life-long family of happy Makoti sleepers by purchasing your own unique All Seasons Clip-on Makoti duvet. Simply choose your duvet size at the red star at the above drop-down menu. We will fulfil your special order soonest with running feet :-)

Benefits in a Blink

Hand-made in South Africa, so you support ‘Local is Lekker’
Quality versus price. Our products almost last forever making it a bargain for you
Our down-proof is hand-sourced for exceptional quality from around the globe
Family-owned business - family values are important to us as it is to you
30 years of hands-on experience. This makes us experts with expert advice. You can trust us.
Friendly, knowledgeable staff. To answer all your needs
After Services always available. Remakes, washing and sterilizing. Yup, we are always at your service
Fully washable. Yes, you can wash your down duvet in a normal washing machine. Chop-chop
Choose between economical top-quality duck, superior goose down or ultimate Hungarian down
Full money-back guarantee for 30 days. That should relieve all your online buying fears :-)
Perfect for through-out the year

NB. Our top seller is our Superior Quality Goose Down All-Seasons Clip-On Duvet. It is the best value and quality for money. It will last you years and years and years...If you are flush or feeling very special today go for the ultimate Hungarian Goose Down. It is the best. If your budget is tight, go for the more economical, but still great quality duck down All Seasons clip-on combo. 

Finest Materials

Makoti down duvets are manufactured using a fully washable, pre-shrunk, finely woven (down-proof ) imported 100% cotton, and filled with the finest locally and internationally produced down. All our down products carry the NOMITE label, ensuring that they are ideal for allergy sufferers.

Superior Manufacturing Quality

Decades of experience and expertise have gone into the construction style of our baffled construction, ensuring that Makoti’s Down Duvets deliver years and years of comfort and warmth.

Baffled Construction

Every duvet is sewn with the utmost attention. Every row of blocks is sealed from the next so that your down remains evenly spread throughout the duvet. There are small holes between the blocks in a row (for filling) which ensures minimal down movement. There is no down movement between the rows of blocked down in your duvet.

"Clip-on Combo" All Season Duvet

  • Combined - 15 tog
  • Autumn Duvet - 10.5 tog
  • Summer Duvet - 4.5 tog

The warmth of the down fillings used in our products is expressed in the internationally recognized tog value.

    Choosing between Duck Down, Goose Down and Hungarian Goose Down

    • Duck Down has a smaller cluster than Goose Down. This means that more is needed to achieve the desired tog value - making the duvet heavier.
    • Duck Down is cheaper than Goose Down

    The NOMITE label means that our down duvets are perfectly suited to allergy suffers.

    All our down duvets and pillows carry the NOMITE label, which deems it fit to be used in a house dust mite allergy sufferer’s home. The down and feather-filled products provide excellent thermal and climatic conditions – they warm you up rapidly when you’re sleeping but also decrease the bed’s humidity if the room is aired regularly. This makes it a very poor habitat for house dust mites to live in, as they thrive in humid conditions.

    Another protective element to re-assure you is our tightly woven down-proof fabric – this makes it impossible for house dust mites to penetrate the fabric. Therefore, people suffering from dust allergies may enjoy the warmth and comfort of down and feather-filled duvets and pillows displaying the NOMITE mark.

    The Makoti Story

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