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Summer Down Duvets - 4.5 tog

Summer Down Duvets - 4.5 tog

South Africa is a country of extremes. 

...and down regulates your temperature…this is quite a well-known fact
But only up to a point. 

Then a full Winter Duvet becomes just too warm.

That is why the resourceful team at Makoti split a Winter Duvet into a cool Summer Duvet and a warm Autumn Duvet.
So, for summer or your hot region, you just need our very light Summer Duvet. (1/4 amount of down as a winter duvet)

But if you need a full Winter Duvet in the colder months...
No fret, because our Summer Duvet comes with clip-on pop-ups to attach to an Autumn Duvet...

And that Clip-On Combo gives you a full Winter duvet.

How convenient!? This gives you all heat options throughout the year...
So you use your Summer duvet in summer, Autumn Duvet in autumn, and clip them together to make an All Seasons Clip-On Duvet for winter.

Darn-right smart if you ask me :-)

Buy your Summer and Autumn duvet separately or as a combo (combo works out collectively cheaper than buying separately)

On the other hand, you just might want a light duvet for your hot summers, or to sit in front of the fire with your knitting. Or for a picnic. Then go for the summer.

Choose between economical Top-Quality Duck Down (70/30%), Superior Goose Down (95/5%) or our Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down (100%). 70/30% means 70% pure down and 30% soft downy feathers. The higher the percentage pure down, the higher the quality. But also more pricey. It's your delicious decadent choice :-)

But for the ultimate in comfort, the 100% Hungarian Goose Summer Down Duvets trumps all. If you are blessed with a flush...

Please read the benefits below and then click on Duck Down, Goose Down or Hungarian Goose Down below.

Benefits in a Blink
Box stitched so minimal down movement in your summer duvet.
Multi-Purpose - Ideal for reading at the fireplace, rocking the chair, your bed…
Hand-made in South Africa, so you support ‘Local is Lekker’
Quality versus price. Our products almost last forever making it a bargain for you
Our down-proof is hand-sourced for exceptional quality from around the globe
Family-owned business - family values are important to us as it is to you
30 years of hands-on experience. This makes us experts with expert advice. You can trust us.
Friendly, knowledgeable staff. To answer all your needs
After Services always available. Remakes, washing and sterilizing. Yup, we are always at your service
Fully washable. Yes, you can wash your eiderdown in a normal washing machine. Chop-chop
Full money-back guarantee for 30 days. That should relieve all your online buying fears :-)
Perfect as a light blanket for through-out the year. All summer duvets made to Summer thickness (tog4.5)
Boasts the NOMITE label- OK for allergy sufferers as cleaned to European Standards
Summer duvet can clip-on to a warm autumn duvet to make a full winter (with attached pop-ups)

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Duck Down (70/30 percent) Summer Duvets - Tog heat rating of 4.5

Down is deceptively warm and in many regions of South Africa, autumn or full winter duvets are too t..

From R1,650.00
Ex Tax: R1,434.78

Goose Down (95/5 percent) Summer Duvets - Tog heat rating of 4.5

Down is deceptively warm and in many regions of South Africa, autumn or full winter duvets are too t..

From R2,095.00
Ex Tax: R1,821.74

Hungarian Goose Down (100 percent) Summer Duvets - Tog heat rating of 4.5

How fancy. Your Summer Hungarian Goose Down duvet is just pure “warmth without weight” Ideal fo..

From R3,280.00
Ex Tax: R2,852.17