Note: Hungarian Down Duvets, Featherbeds & Eiderdowns are hand-made to order and will ready to ship in 10 to 15 working days.
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Winter Down Duvets - 13.5 tog

Winter Down Duvets - 13.5 tog

Fate has spoken

And you ended in either a super cold area, or you are by nature just very cold
Or your house is built in the ice-box side of nature.

Whichever hand fate has dealt are just reaaaally cold and want the warmest, thickest duvet ever.

And you have considered the versatile 'Clip-On Combo' All Seasons Duvet, but you still want that single fattest, thickest, super warmest duvet. No compromise!

So this is it then. 

The Makoti Winter Down Duvet is the warmest single duvet you will find for the freezing South African winters. 

Filled with the finest in down it will keep you toasty during the wildest winters...

Choose between economical Top-Quality Duck Down (70/30%), Superior Goose Down (95/5%) or our Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down (100%). 70/30% means 70% pure down and 30% soft downy feathers. The higher the percentage pure down, the higher the quality. But also more pricey. It's your delicious decadent choice :-)

Please read the benefits below and then click on either the Duck Down, Goose Down or Hungarian Goose Down pictures below

Benefits in a Blink
Warm. Very warm. Tog heat rating of 13.5
Your choice between economic top duck down, superior goose down, or ultimate quality Hungarian goose down
Hand-made in South Africa, so you support ‘Local is Lekker’
Quality versus price. Our products almost last forever making it a bargain for you
Our down-proof is hand-sourced for exceptional quality from around the globe. You get the best.
Family-owned business - family values are important to us as it is to you
30 years of hands-on experience. This makes us experts with expert advice. You can trust us.
Friendly, knowledgeable staff. To answer all your needs. Phone us at 0419922395
After Services always available. Remakes, washing and sterilizing. Yup, we are always at your service
Fully washable. Yes, you can wash your down duvet in a normal washing machine. Chop-chop
Box-stitched construction, so no floating down in your snug winter duvet. No cold spots!
Full money-back guarantee for 30 days. That should relieve all your online buying fears :-)
Boasts the NOMITE label- OK for allergy sufferers as cleaned to European Standards

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Duck Down (70/30 percent) Winter Duvets - Tog heat rating of 13.5

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Goose Down (95/5 percent) Winter Duvets - Tog heat rating of 13.5

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Hungarian Goose Down (100 percent) Winter Duvets - Tog heat rating of 13.5

NOTE:  Hungarian Goose Down duvets are hand-made to order and will be ready to be shipped in 5-..

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