Customer Stories

Story by Bettie Langner from South Africa

Subject: Herinneringe

Goeie Middag,

Ek is mev Hilda Langner se skoondogter - Bettie Langner. Ek wil u net meedeel dat Ouma ons ontval het en so 4 maande na haar heen gaan het ek en my Man,Ouma en Oupa geword van n kleinseun Ouma sou dan haar 9de agterkleinkind gehad het. Sy was n wondwerlike skoonma en ouma en oumagrootjie ons sal haar die Kersfees baie mis. Ek sal graag eendag by jul fabriek wil uitkom maar dit is baie ver van Wiliston af maar mens weet nooit nie.

Baie dankie Bettie Langner

Story by The Mannalls

Subject: Let's sometimes tell the good stories!

I had this from a friend ,Yvonne ,the other day ......

An older friend catches a mini-bus taxi to meet friends for coffee at Musgrave. She climbed down from the taxi, only to realise as it whizzed around a corner that she had left her handbag in it, containing her purse and invaluable ID documents.
She had hardly time to mourn their loss when the taxi whizzed back around the corner and drove up to her.

The driver had a big smile and a handbag in his hand. He was so relieved that he had caught up with her! 'Please check your bag', he said. All her money and all her documents were there intact.

Let's sometimes tell the good stories!