About our Duvets and Pillows

Our duvets are available with the following fillings:

  •   Hungarian goose down
  •   Pure goose down (ultimate)
  •   Duck down
  •   Duck feather and down

The warmth factor of the down fillings used in our products is expressed in the internationally recognised tog value of down and is realted tot he quality of down. Tog is a measurement of warmth. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet will be. 

Makoti down duvets are manufactured using a fully washable, pre-shrunk, 100% pure cotton down-proof fabric and they are edged with piping. Since cotton is a natural fibre, it combines well with the natural down used at our factory.

Baffled Construction

Each of our duvets is sewn with the utmost attention to detail. The baffled construction of our duvets ensures that the down can absorb air, while the more air the down can absorb, the warmer the product. Every one of the compartments are sealed so that the down can’t shift around inside.

Decades of experience and expertise have gone into the construction style of our baffled boxes, ensuring that Makoti’s down duvets, eiderdowns and comforters will deliver years and years of comfort and warmth.

Our method of construction has great advantages over other duvet styles, such as:

  • It holds the goose down in a secure chamber, making it unable to move around.
  • It maximises the “loft” for better insulation and a fluffier appearance.
  • It eliminates “cold spots”, which are common to other duvet, eiderdown and comforter designs.


Choosing the right pillow is very important. The best pillow will keep the head 90 degrees with the shoulder. Then all the muscles in the back rest.

Makoti Goose Down Pillows:
This pillow is filled with pure goose down and is very soft.

Makoti Feather Pillows:
Filled with a mixture of down and small feathers, this pillow give you more support.

Neck special layered pillow:

Designed in conjunction with a leading physiotherapist, this pillow is for people with back and neck problems. The curved insert on the front of the pillow, fits snug into the neck hollow to give you extra support.

Makoti Special Layered Pillows:
A three layered pillow, feathers in the middle pocket and down in the outside pockets. You get a pillow with enough support, but with the soft feel of the down against you.

Makoti luxurious synthetic
Fibre puff is an alternative filling if you do not want to use down or feathers. It gives a medium to firm hold.