Duck Down Winter Duvets - Tog heat rating of 13.5

Duck Down Winter Duvets - Tog heat rating of 13.5

Top Quality Duck Down. Anti-Cold Baffle Design. Super Warm! 100% Down-Proof Cotton.

Features at a glance

  • Box-stitched into individual compartments - No moving around of Duck Down!
  • Ideal for winters in South Africa. But we still recommend the All-Seasons clip-on duvets
  • Super-Light and Airy
  • 100% Down-Proof Cotton
  • Fully washable
  • NOMITE label – OK for allergy sufferers
  • Top Quality Duck Down
  • Better price than Goose or Hungarian Goose Down
  • After-service available. Remakes. Washing and Sterilizing

If you be that person whom is super-sensitive to the cold, this is the duvet for you. Be forewarned - the winter duvets are super-warm...and just might be too warm. We recommend the summer-autumn All Seasons combo, but hey, if you want the Winter duvet, it is all yours.

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How should I choose between Duck Down, Goose Down and Hungarian Goose Down?

  • Duck Down has a smaller cluster than Goose Down; therefore more is needed, making the duvet slightly heavier. The quality level in ascending order is: Duck Down - Goose Down - Hungarian Goose Down.
  • Duck Down, however, is the cheapest but still of very good Quality.
  • The heat retention compared between Duck, Goose and Hungarian is almost the same.
  • Our Superb Quality Goose Down has a bigger cluster size, making your duvet lighter. All Goose Down Duvets become Heirloom Pieces to be passed on. Well-priced. The most popular choice!
  • Our Hungarian Goose Down Duvets are the Ultimate choice. Made from super-light Batiste Cotton Down-Proof material and the largest Hungarian Down Clusters. More expensive, but worth it. Light as a feather :-)
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