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Rectangular Sleeping Bag

Rectangular Sleeping Bag

A Quality Multi-Purpose Sleeping Bag!! Our Rectangular Sleeping Bags are of course extensively used for camping, but did you know that it can be zipped open to make a Three-Quarter Down Duvet?...Yup, our larger- than-shop-bought sleeping bag is 150cm wide and 200cm long when zipped open! The same size as a Three-Quarter Duvet! Just pop your Sleeping Bag into a duvet cover and Voila!...and instant soft and warm Duvet! Darn-it! but these peeps at Makoti are smart :-) Most campers and high altitude climbers choose goose down sleeping bags over synthetic ones. This is because nothing beats goose down's natural insulation for warmth, comfort, compressibility, lightweight and longevity.  Makoti sleeping bags were specially designed for you and come in a variety of colours and temperature ratings.  Our sleeping bags have the following features:

  • Strong water resistant rip stop outer fabric 
  • Superior quality goose down with fill power more than 800
  • Pure cotton down proof inner fabric (or rip stop if preferred to make the bag lighter)
  • Two bags can be zipped together. You can also ask for a foot-friendly zip
  • Endorsed by the NOMITE label which makes it suitable for use by allergy sufferers
  • Fully washable
  • Baffled wall construction for no cold spots
  • Can be easily squashed into a small bag
  • One quick shake lofts the down to original voluminous softness.
  • Multi-purposed: rectangular bag opens into 3/4 (150x200 cm) duvet!
  • Custom-made sizes available

...and if your sleeping bag material dies, burns or gets eaten by your killer washing machine...or after 20 years of elemental hard-time..we can remake your sleeping bag...wash the down...add down if needed...and put it back together in a brand new casing...Wow!....we did mention something about the peeps at Makoti being smart, eh?....grin

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