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A soft, breathable cotton pillowcase just makes your sleep so much nicer. Hugging your cuddly pillow really soothes the night away. Makoti offers three superb quality thread counts and “feels” to your delight. Choose between our 200TC Chic Collection (crisp, cotton feel), our 350TC Sateen Collection (lovely satin feel) or our 500TC Timeless Egyptian Cotton (ultimate silky satin feel). Available to order right here in a wide range of lovely colours. 

And if you want to add an extra touch, why not order our pillowcases with classic Victorian lace? Stunning, stylish and almost ever-lasting. Available in superb qualities of 200TC, 350TC or 500 Thread Count. Please browse by clicking on any of the images below…

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200TC Plain Housewife Edging Pillowcases (No Oxford Border)

If frills aren’t your thing, then the plain housewife pillowcases are for you. The hemmed edging is ..

From R105.00
Ex Tax: R91.30

200TC Oxford Border Pillowcases

Top Quality and forever Longevity...Our Chic Collection Oxford border pillowcases are made from 200 ..

From R105.00
Ex Tax: R91.30

200TC Victorian Lace Pillowcases

Our Chic Collection Victorian lace pillowcases are crafted from 200 thread count, 100% cotton percal..

From R140.00
Ex Tax: R121.74

350TC Plain Housewife Edging Pillowcases (No Oxford Border)

Need Pillowcases that last and last? Our lovely 350TC, 100% cotton sateen, oxford pillowcases will d..

From R95.00
Ex Tax: R82.61

350TC Oxford Border Pillowcases

Our lovely Sateen Collection Oxford border pillowcases are woven in a  350 thread count, from 1..

From R105.00
Ex Tax: R91.30

350TC Victorian Lace Pillowcases

These Sateen Collection Victorian lace pillowcases are made from 350 thread count, 100% cotton satee..

From R145.00
Ex Tax: R126.09

500TC Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases - Plain Housewife Edging (no Oxford Border)

Do you love a crisp neat look with no frills? Then our soft 500TC Egyptian cotton plain housewife pi..

From R130.00
Ex Tax: R113.04

500TC Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases - Oxford Border

Spoil yourself with our Timeless Egyptian Collection.   The pillowcases are made from 100%..

From R155.00
Ex Tax: R134.78

500TC Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases with Victorian Lace

Transform our Timeless Egyptian collection by adding beautiful Victorian lace. The pillowcases are m..

From R165.00
Ex Tax: R143.48

Health Range Pillowcases (and Baby Pillowcases)

Make your bed a feast for the eyes! Choose from our available Colours and all our Unique Health Pill..

From R95.00
Ex Tax: R82.61

500TC Pillowcases - Duo-Stone - Continental and King

Makoti’s highest thread count collection!   Our pillow cases in this collection are made f..

From R335.00
Ex Tax: R291.30

Silk Pillowcases - Organic

Compared to other fabrics, silk has long, smooth fibres that do not rub or irritate your skin. The ..

From R595.00
Ex Tax: R517.39