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Protectors - Extend the life of your pillows or mattresses

Protectors -  Extend the life of your pillows or mattresses

Ok, this can be embarrassing. You might have had sweet dreams of that special yummy pudding and just maybe it was you who drooled on the pillow. Just maybe ;-) Washing your whole pillow is absolutely possible, but it is a real schlep. A Protector, just as its name suggests, does just that. It protects your pillows or mattress by keeping them clean. This extends the life of your product and protects your investment.

A protective, washable, absorbent batting layer is box-stitched and 'sandwiched' between two layers offering maximum comfort and protection.

And when those little life mishaps happen, you rather wash your pillow protector than your whole pillow. It saves water, soap, time, and also dries faster.

The same applies to your mattress. Our easy-fitting mattress protectors will extend your mattress life by years!

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Mattress Protectors

Protect your investment. By using a protector, you keep your mattress hygienic and fresh and so..

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Pillow Protectors

Protect your investment.  By using a protector, you will keep your pillow hygienic and fresh an..

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