Do you sleep hard or soft?
Well or bad?

Back and neck problems often come from the wrong back alignment due to a poor pillow.
So your pillow does play an important role in how much of a good night’s sleep you get.

We will assist you to make sure you choose the right one. Either call us on 041 9922395 or please read more...

We design with your comfort at heart. A variety of fillings and designs will fit your neck and budget. 

On offer is an innovative range of therapeutic health pillows.
Designed by leading physiotherapists, it will help you get a good night's rest.
If you suffer from neck and back problems, look here. We manufacture orthopedic neck & back, bone, and ear pillows. 

We offer:

  • Ultra-soft Goose Down Pillows.
  • Economical Duck Feather Pillows.
  • Layered Pillows. Our top-selling layered pillows, made in three compartments, gives you soft down in the outer layers and firm feathers in the middle. Another Makoti invention! No poking feathers!
  • Therapeutic Health Pillows. The top-seller here is our Neck and Back Orthopedic Pillow.

Our pure goose down pillows will give you the ultimate in pillow softness(no feathers that poke through)

If you need a firmer pillow, we recommend that you look at our special layered pillow.

If you would like a real "dinkum" old style solid feather pillow, we recommend our economic duck feather pillow.

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Duck Feather and Down Pillows (5/95%)

Our 'Value for Money' Pillow.  A  Medium to Firm feeling "Dinkum" Feather Pillow ;-) ..

From R350.00
Ex Tax: R304.35

Layered Pillows - Duck Down and Feather

Luxurious Soft but Supportive Blend of 30/70% Down&Feather. Choose between Soft, Medium or Firm..

From R435.00
Ex Tax: R378.26

Layered Pillows - Goose Down and Feather

2 soft down outer layers with supporting inner feather layer. Another Makoti innovation! Superb!Our ..

From R720.00
Ex Tax: R626.09

Neck and Back Pillow

Do you suffer from Neck and Back Problems? Our Orthopaedic Neck Pillow can alleviate pain by straigh..

From R890.00
Ex Tax: R773.91

Scatter Pillows - Downy Duck Feathers

Why not fluff-up your nest with a few scatter pillows? Or add for extra support on your couch? Made ..

From R95.00
Ex Tax: R82.61

Bolster Pillow (40x15)

For Decoration or Support. Between the knees, the Bolster reduces Twisting of the Spine. ..

Ex Tax: R321.74

Bone Pillow

A Handy, Small Versatile Pillow for Reading, Travelling and Support between your Knees.... ..

Ex Tax: R304.35

Ear Pillow

This Ear Pillow is designed for people or patients who wish to release pressure on the ear.  Th..

Ex Tax: R304.35

Neck Brace Pillow

Ideal for Travelling, watching TV or for Extra Support. Available in Soft but Supportive Duck Down...

Ex Tax: R213.04

Luxurious Goose Down Pillows (95/5%)

The Best! Your supportive super-soft dream pillow...filled with only Ultra-Luxurious Pure Goose Down..

From R385.00
Ex Tax: R334.78

Travel Pillow with Stuff Bag and Pillow Case

Great for the Outdoors, Great for Travelling! A scrunch-able Travel Pillow (32x45cm) with a carry ba..

Ex Tax: R430.43