Neck and Back Pillow

Neck and Back Pillow

Do you suffer from Neck and Back Problems? Our Orthopaedic Neck Pillow can alleviate pain by straightening out your Back and Neck. Finally, a good night’s rest!

Features at a glance

  • Top selling Orthopaedic Design
  • Supports Neck and Head
  • Straightens Back
  • Good Night's Sleep
  • Soft against the Skin
  • Sewn-on, non-movable down-filled curve gives all night support
  • 100% Cotton Down-Proof Material
  • Washable
  • NOMITE label
  • Layered Pillow – Down outer, Feather inner

Why it works!

When your neck is supported at a 90° angle in relation to your shoulders, all your back muscles relax. The Neck and Back Pillow provides effective and pleasant relief, whether you sleep on your back or on your side. Its unique design allows your head and neck to rest in an anatomically correct and strain-relieving position. This unique Neck and Back Pillow is a Makoti innovation in Collaboration with Top South African Physiotherapists. We invented, others can only try to follow…

How is it made?

The neck pillow has a unique, stitched-on curved support that snuggles into your neck – this keeps giving you support all night as the supporting ‘trapped’ down cannot shift away during your night’s rest. The unique curved support has super-soft, but very supportive Top Quality Down inside. The Neck and Back Pillows are also constructed in three layers…two soft downy outer layers and a supportive feather layer in the middle. This gives your pillow the support of the feathers with a super-soft downy outside – but with no prickly feathers! This Makoti Innovation has helped countless sufferers towards a great night's sleep. There are three different thicknesses.

Which thickness should I get?

You can choose between Soft, Medium or Firm. The rule of thumb here is to fill the gap between your outer shoulder knob and your neck. The larger the gap, the firmer your pillow should be. This translates roughly into soft for children, medium for ladies and firm for men. If you are not sure which thickness to get, please contact us for expert advice.

The NOMITE label means that our down duvets are perfectly suited to allergy suffers.

All our down duvets and pillows carry the NOMITE label, which deems it fit to be used in a house dust mite allergy sufferer’s home. The down and feather-filled products provide excellent thermal and climatic conditions – they warm you up rapidly when you’re sleeping but also decrease the bed’s humidity if the room is aired regularly. This makes it a very poor habitat for house dust mites to live in, as they thrive in humid conditions.

Another protective element to re-assure you is our tightly woven down-proof fabric – this makes it impossible for house dust mites to penetrate the fabric. Therefore, people suffering from dust allergies may enjoy the warmth and comfort of down and feather-filled duvets and pillows displaying the NOMITE mark.

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