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Everything that you need to know when deciding on what down product to buy.

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Fill Power

Fill power is the measured loft or fluffiness of down filling and is related to the insulating value, the quality and size of the cluster of the down. The higher the fill power the great the loft and as a result, the more air pockets and more insulating the down will be.

We only use down with the best Fill Power and as a result, our duvets and pillows are the softest, lightest and warmest on the market.

fill power

Tog Values

Tog value is an industry term for measuring the warmth of a duvet but has nothing to do with the weight of the duvet.

You can use the tog table below as a guideline when choosing your duvet:

tog value table

We achieve the lightest and softest products in relation to the tog on the market.

Comparing Fillings

Generally, goose down is regarded as superior to duck down. Goose down is lighter and has higher fill power, made possible due to the goose down clusters being larger than the duck down clusters. Feathers, however, are larger, heavier and more rigid, having fewer air pockets to retain the warm air and is, therefore, a poorer insulator. Feather fillings are also uncomfortable as the quills pierce through the duvet or pillow fabric.

comparing down fillings

Makoti Down Products only use the finest imported and locally produced duck, goose and Hungarian goose down.