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Do you suffer from neck or back pain?

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Neck and back pillow

The Makoti Neck Pillow’s unique design relieves neck and back pain to ensure you get the best night’s sleep.

Other neck pillows in the market are hard and your body needs to reform to fit into the pillow whereas our pillow fits around your body.

“I've been using one of your pillows for the past six years. It's ruined me for anything else and I sleep so well.Every night when I go to bed, and every morning when I wake up, I think 'Aaahhhhh. What a wonderful pillow!'”
- Kathy Eales


Makoti invented the neck pillow. We listened to our customers and invested in many years of research and development. It has been replicated by many other manufacturers but our quality, value and after sales support still ensures that the neck pillow is one of our most popular products.

Scientific Design

The neck vertebrae are not supported by any other bone structures as in the ribs, and therefore stress is often created on the neck while sleeping. When going to sleep we tend to round the pillow to create a comfortable support for the neck curve, but when turning throughout the night we cause our necks to hang slightly and this forces the neck and back muscles to take strain. This is often why so many of us wake up feeling tired, with a sore neck or back.

The Makoti Neck Pillow has been developed together with leading physiotherapists. Its unique design allows your head and neck to rest in an anatomically correct position offering effective relief.

The neck pillow has a distinctive down filled curved column that snuggles into your neck giving you support, while the base is constructed in three layers - two soft down outer layers, supported by a feather layer in the centre.

The Best Materials

Makoti Pillows are filled with the finest imported and locally produced down which is encased in 100% imported cotton, fully washable, pre-shrunk and down-proof. Down is of course a natural product and eco-friendly.


All our down products carry the NOMITE label, ensuring that they are ideal for allergy sufferers.

The Nomite Quality Mark is an internationally registered trademark of the European Down & Feather Association (EDFA).  Manufacturers that document their pillows and duvets meet the criteria of PAS 1008 of the German Institute for Standardization.


Our Neck Pillows are washable.

Manufactured in South Africa

Makoti is proudly South African. Our manufacturing facility is located in Uitenhage and every item is handcrafted by an experienced team of people. They are supervised by owner and founder, Anna-Marie Craven, whose keen eye for quality ensures that each product is meticulously made.

Since 1989

Makoti Down Products is a family business and our reputation means everything to us.