Impact on the Environment

Carbon Footprint

Down and feathers have the lowest carbon footprint of any other fill material - both natural and synthetic.


The 100% Cotton percale fabrics used in construction of our eiderdowns and comforters are quickly bio-degradable.

Energy Savings

A good down duvet, eiderdown, quilt or comforter allows you to lower or turn off the thermostat at night while you sleep, saving you money and energy.


Down is almost as light as air and is nature’s most efficient insulation known to man.


Down and feathers are natural materials from geese and ducks. Our cotton percale is manufactured from 100% cotton percale.


Unlike most synthetics which are made from non-renewable sources, down and feathers are renewable resources which can be cleaned and re-used.


Modern sterilisation processes make down clean and safe from all harmful dust and bacteria. All our products are manufactured using down-proof fabrics; making our down products more resistant to dust mite problems.